Break Through Color With Tingle

When It Hurts So Good

Why would I want to tingle?

206608_1014493800620_3469_nFor color that blasts you right through your tanning plateau of course!  Tingle products, which create a warm, heated or tingling sensation when applied just before your indoor tanning session, often get a bad rap.  Some tanners are uncomfortable with tingle, but I remember when they hit the market in 90’s, they swept the industry. offering immediate. tangible  results.   Because using a tingle is a lot like getting a serious workout at the gym.  During the session you actually  feel something happening and afterwards, you see dramatic results.  So let a tingle product pump up your tan!

Pink Diamond, by Swedish Beauty

Pink Diamond

How Does It Work?

The lotion’s ingredients, Methyl Nicotinate or Benyl, are designed to bring more oxygen to the skin’s surface by kick-starting circulation. If you want rich color, or have hard to tan areas on your body, tingle is made for you.  Certain users have complained that tingle lotions are “itchy” or simply “too hot.”  But others are able to comfortably tan without incident after becoming desensitized to the tingle factor. If you have sensitive skin you should apply tingle with caution, to a test area on your body. And always, always wash your hands after applying tingle product.  Tingle lotions are highly transferable, meaning if you shake someone’s hand or pick up a baby, it can be potent to their skin instantly.

In addition, the ingredients in tingle lotions are similar to what you find in Bengay or a comparable product.  For that reason,  you should never put it on your face, near your eyes or on any sensitive regions of your body. The tingling sensation can be active up to 30 minutes after your sunbed session & will reactivate under hot water.  So if you shower directly after tanning, rinse tingle off with tepid water first. (You shouldn’t shower right after tanning though, particularly if you invested in a bronzing lotion with or without tingle.  Bronzers work best over time.)bf2

Going on 25 years as a certified tanning professional, my advice would be to introduce tingle after you have established a base tan, but when you don’t seem to getting any darker.  It’s called a tanning plateau and nearly always, a change in product will help you break through that.  (Just like changing up your work out!) I recommend using tingle on your lower body first – skin there is usually plumper and more resilient.  It’s often hard for women especially to hold leg color, given how often we exfoliate/shave our legs.  A tingle product can give you that healthy, vibrant color your looking for just in time for summer!



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